Are you there Zlatan?

De chat met Zlatan, die maandagmiddag werd gehouden, was een groot succes. Zelf vond de Zweed, die het spits afbeet wat de chats betreft, het ook erg leuk. Zo leuk dat de sessie veel langer duurde dan oorspronkelijk de bedoeling was. De redactie heeft de vragen en antwoorden online gezet. Lees deze nog eens rustig door.

>>[13:47] Herman: Are you there Zlatan?
>>[13:47] Yes im here
>>[13:48] hello im online talk to me
>>[13:49] skywalker: What are your expactations for this year?
>>[13:49] Win the doubla again and go as far as we can cl
>>[13:49] Jakobg: Have you seen and what
>>do you think of it?
>>[13:50] Its a okej site but not mine
>>[13:50] Ikchivu: Which system do you wanna play?
>>[13:51] I like 442 but it doesnt matter as long as we win
>>[13:52] Skywalker: And your expactions in the national team?
>>[13:53] Play a lot of games and go for EK
>>[13:53] Henco: Do you miss your family?
>>[13:53] A lot
>>[13:54] Sner: Who do you think is the best defender
>>in the world?
>>[13:54] easy qustion chivu
>>[13:54] Zladnan: What do you like in Amsterdam what
>>Sweden doesn' have?
>>[13:55] God fotboll and lot of kanals
>>[13:55] Linda: Do you have a girlfriend?
>>[13:55] No
>>[13:56] Samsam: Is this your last season with Ajax?
>>[13:56] i dont hope so
>>[13:56] Skywalker: Whats the difference between
>>Adriaanse and Koeman?
>>[13:57] we have more space now and we can laugh
>>[13:57] Sner: I just want to see i believe in you?
>>[13:57] thanks
>>[13:57] Arena: Do you like other sports?
>>[13:57] all sports with balls
>>[13:57] Nooteboom: Who is the best deffender you play against?
>>[13:58] chivu
>>[13:58] Ajax_Mast? What is your favorite food?
>>[13:58] swedish pizza
>>[13:58] Henco: What do you think about the fans in
>>the stadium?
>>[13:59] they are good and they expect a lot
>>[13:59] Zlatan_nr: What is your best goal?
>>[13:59] with malmo in spain
>>[13:59] Malmo_FF: Mido or Machlas?
>>[13:59] moi doel
>>[14:00] m
>>[14:00] ISDave: How far do you think Ajax will come in CL
>>[14:00] i think we have a good chans to come far
>>[14:00] Hinotori: I feel sorry for the number 3 of Russia?
>>[14:00] me to
>>[14:00] Mr_Ajax? What did you learn from Mido?
>>[14:01] arabian music
>>[14:01] Rocky? Zlatan, you go to Sunderland?
>>[14:01] no
>>[14:01] Robert? How many cars do you have?
>>[14:01] 3
>>[14:02] Lissie: Best Swedish player ever?
>>[14:02] henke larsson
>>[14:02] Koeman: Who is the best goalkeeper?
>>[14:02] Oliver kahn
>>[14:02] Jelle: Which clubs you hope for in CL?
>>[14:02] the big clubs
>>[14:03] LSDave: Do you drink alcohol?
>>[14:03] no
>>[14:03] Roel: What is the best system for you?
>>[14:03] 442
>>[14:03] Rosnaldo: How is your dutch
>>[14:04] Its going better
>>[14:04] Robert: Is it true your best friend is your
>>neighbour and he works with Mac Donalds?
>>[14:05] no no my best friends lives in sweden
>>[14:05] DAF: What is the funniest Dutch word you learned?
>>[14:05] ongelooflijk
>>[14:05] Melvin: Ever meet Marco van Basten? What do
>>you think of him?
>>[14:06] one of the best player ever.. and i have not meet him
>>[14:06] Malmo FF: Win CL with Ajax or European Cup
>>with Sweden?
>>[14:07] Both
>>[14:07] Ajaxfreak: Which game you ll never forget?
>>[14:07] Celtic away last year
>>[14:07] What is typical for Dutch people?
>>[14:07] orange
>>[14:08] Danny: How is your best friend in the team?
>>[14:08] mido. chivu.machlas.all of them
>>[14:08] Makaveli: Biggest difference between Sweden
>>and Holland?
>>[14:09] Sweden-yellow and blue...Holland-orange
>>[14:09] Are you still studying?
>>[14:09] No
>>[14:09] Vanbasten: Hoezo praat je geen NEderlands?
>>[14:10] i understand but difficult to talk
>>[14:10] Mido: Whats your dream for the future?
>>[14:10] TO make i nice family
>>[14:11] What do you think of women soccer?
>>[14:11] i never watch women fotball but its god for them
>>[14:11] Malmo FF: Where did you learn the trics?
>>[14:12] it comes up in my dreams
>>[14:12] Biffke: Heineken or Bavaria?
>>[14:12] GROLSCH
>>[14:12] Nikos_Mac: Whats your favorite Stadium?
>>[14:12] Arena
>>[14:13] Vantheman: Why do you have so many fans, you think?
>>[14:13] I dont know but im glad that i have their support
>>[14:13] Danny: Whats your favorite goal you make?
>>[14:14] in spain with my old team malmo
>>[14:14] Olafwest: What do you hate the most?
>>[14:14] when i lose

>>[14:14] Edward: Do you like computergames?
>>[14:14] i little bit
>>[14:14] YvetteKol: How was the World Cup?
>>[14:15] Incredible
>>[14:15] Do you think Feyenoord or Real Madrid wins?
>>[14:15] Real m
>>[14:15] Do you have a pet?
>>[14:16] yes joey didulica
>>[14:16] From which coach you have learned the most?
>>[14:16] R koeman and r krool
>>[14:16] What kind of animal is DIdulica?
>>[14:17] WE call the rock but he is a monster
>>[14:17] Aren' you running mad of all this questions?
>>[14:17] no no give me more
>>[14:17] Do you have a better contact with Koeman or Adriaanse?
>>[14:17] KOeman
>>[14:17] Ajax 4: Do you like the press?
>>[14:17] I have no problem with them
>>[14:18] Claudia: Where does your lastname come from?
>>[14:18] My fathers from bosnia
>>[14:18] Sanneh: What do you like from the dutch girls?
>>[14:18] THey are nice and good looking
>>[14:18] What do you think of the speed limit in Holland?
>>[14:19] no problem
>>[14:19] Do you go to the disco after a game? Which?
>>[14:19] in midos house
>>[14:20] Do you miss Smorgasbord?
>>[14:20] A little bit
>>[14:20] What are you doing after the game?
>>[14:20] Taking my rest
>>[14:21] Daan: Do you listen to 538?
>>[14:21] sometimes
>>[14:21] Do you watch dutch television?
>>[14:21] yes
>>[14:21] Stefanie: Which music do you like?
>>[14:22] all cind of music
>>[14:22] Marin: Do you live in amsterdam?
>>[14:22] No some where outside
>>[14:22] You want children?
>>[14:22] a lot
>>[14:23] What name will you give your son?
>>[14:23] Zlatan jr
>>[14:23] Are you nervous for a game?
>>[14:23] sometimes
>>[14:23] Samsam: What do you think of Ajax 2?
>>[14:24] god players
>>[14:24] Marin: Do you believe in God?
>>[14:24] yes
>>[14:24] LSDAVE: How many times are you going back to
>>Sweden in a year?
>>[14:24] 2 in the summer and on christmas
>>[14:24] Suus: Do you have a superstition?
>>[14:25] Nothing special
>>[14:25] Biffke: You like ABBA?
>>[14:25] Yes
>>[14:25] BAS: Whats your favorit Swedish dish?
>>[14:26] meetballs with pasta
>>[14:26] Stephie: Do you like movies?
>>[14:26] yes
>>[14:26] Blauweh: Who is the most beautifull dutch girl?
>>[14:27] i dont know
>>[14:27] Luci: How many times do you speak with your mother?
>>[14:27] every day
>>[14:27] Dimi: Do you like to do this chat?
>>[14:27] yes
>>[14:28] When is your next training?
>>[14:28] Wednsday
>>[14:28] What is your favorit backnumber?
>>[14:29] It doesnt matter
>>[14:29] Sannehh: Did you like school?
>>[14:29] yes a lot
>>[14:29] Yvette: What do think of Machlas?
>>[14:29] nice guy really funny
>>[14:29] Vanbasten: Do you ever want to go back to
>>Malmo someday?
>>[14:30] after my carrier maybe
>>[14:30] Ja-Rudy: Do you want Marco van Basten to
>>tarin the strikers?
>>[14:30] yeah why not
>>[14:30] Ajax_4: Do you read the paper everyday?
>>[14:30] no
>>[14:30] Is a good site?
>>[14:31] a very god site
>>[14:31] Do you love to surf on the internet?
>>[14:31] sometimes i surf
>>[14:31] Do you watch Studio sport after you scored a goal?
>>[14:31] Sometimes
>>[14:31] How late do you go to bed?
>>[14:31] 9
>>[14:32] Sure?
>>[14:32] Sometimes
>>[14:32] Are you scoring more goals then next season?
>>[14:32] yeah
>>[14:32] What do you do after training?
>>[14:33] Call my friends in sweden
>>[14:33] Mariska: What do you think of the football vandalism?
>>[14:34] Its not god they have to come to enjoy the
>>game not to destroy the game
>>[14:34] Whats your favorit hollidayplace?
>>[14:34] spain
>>[14:34] Coen: Who is your roommate when you are with
>>the national team?
>>[14:34] different
>>[14:34] Where in Sweden did you grow up?
>>[14:35] malmo
>>[14:35] Who is the best Ajax-keeper?
>>[14:35] All of them are god
>>[14:35] Is Ajax more important to you than the national team?
>>[14:35] yes
>>[14:36] Olafwest: Is it hard to be a talent?
>>[14:36] no i dont think so
>>[14:36] Do you ever had boerenkool?
>>[14:37] Yes
>>[14:37] Whats your favorite club beside Ajax and Malmo?
>>[14:37] Inter
>>[14:37] Is the swedish team better than the dutch team?
>>[14:37] I dont know
>>[14:37] Do you have brothers and sisters?
>>[14:38] 2 b 3 s
>>[14:38] Are you an uncle yet?
>>[14:38] no
>>[14:38] Is Koeman nice to the players?
>>[14:39] yes
>>[14:39] How does your room looks?
>>[14:40] Big fornuture
>>[14:40] What do you think about Ajax in the CL?
>>[14:40] Go to 2 second r
>>[14:40] Is Ajax going to win in Groningen? Why?
>>[14:41] Of course why because we are ajax
>>[14:41] Who is the biggeset talent in Sweden?
>>[14:41] For me pontus f
>>[14:41] do you like art?
>>[14:41] no
>>[14:41] Do you remember Malmo playing against Ajax in 1987?
>>[14:41] no
>>[14:42] Do you thinks the fans were unfair to you last season?
>>[14:43] they expect a lot so i understand them
>>because i didnt play good
>>[14:43] Zlatan! You'll make 25 goals this season!!
>>[14:43] i hope
>>[14:43] What are your favorit clothes?
>>[14:43] soft clothes
>>[14:43] Zlatan. Please stay at Ajax!
>>[14:44] i will stay as long i can stay
>>[14:44] What are you going to do after this Chat?
>>[14:44] go home and sleep
>>[14:44] What do you think of Van der Vaart?
>>[14:44] very good player
>>[14:44] How did you feel about the golden goal in the
>>AMstel Cup?
>>[14:45] i was very happy
>>[14:45] Have you ever be to Yugoslavia?
>>[14:45] 2 times
>>[14:45] Do you train a lot when you were young? How much?
>>[14:45] every day
>>[14:46] Do you know any Ajaxsongs?
>>[14:46] NO
>>[14:46] Zlatan is ok!
>>[14:46] thanks
>>[14:47] How long do you play football?
>>[14:47] De chat met Zlatan is bijna ten einde,
>>stel je laatste vragen. Bedankt allemaal!
>>[14:47] since i was 7
>>[14:47] How was your first day in Amsterdam?
>>[14:47] What size feet do you have?
>>[14:47] good warm
>>[14:47] 45
>>[14:47] 44
>>[14:47] What kind of parfum do you have?
>>[14:48] De chat met Zlatan is bijna ten einde.
>>Bedankt allemaal!
>>[14:49] THanks everybody for your questions and i
>>hope you support ajax this year and we will make it good for
>>you supporters bye bye Zlatan
>>[14:50] De chat is nu echt beeindigd. Zlatan
>>bedankt iedereen, tot de volgende keer!