Hoogendijk second acquisition for women’s team

Anouk Anna Hoogedijk was born in Woerden on May 6, 1985. Before she was a teenager, Hoogendijk experienced a golden period in Ajax’s history. “I was a big fan in the nineties, all of my allowance was spent on Ajax pens, stickers, and more” says Hoogendijk, remembering Ajax’s success in the nineties. “My room was full of Ajax posters and I slept under an Ajax blanket. I was a right winger then and Marc Overmars was my favourite. He was a winger, too. I sometimes went to watch Ajax practice. That how I got an autograph from Patrick Kluivert right before the 1995 Champions League final. He signed my face and that seemed so cool to me at the time; everyone could see it. But after a while it faded, and my mother traced over it again.”