Reuser broadens his horizons at Toekomst

Reuser broadens his horizons at Toekomst

Ajax visits NAC Breda on Saturday evening. That will be a special match for Martin Reuser, who enjoys both a past and present with both clubs. These days, Reuser (38) is active as an assistant coach at NAC A1, and is doing an internship at Ajax.

Although it’s been almost thirteen years since Reuser left Ajax, he seems perfectly at ease now while wearing the record-holding champion team’s training suit. Perhaps it’s due to his appearance, since the Amsterdam native still looks like a top athlete. “I have to be careful, since I appear on TV with Eredivisie Live”, laughs the former pro.

Reuser interns each Thursday at de Toekomst with C1 and/or B1. “That’s lots of fun”, the pupil of the combined TC2/TC3 training course hastens to say. “It’s nice in any case to be involved with Ajax again. And I find it interesting to be working with different age groups, and the new course with individual trainings is very appealing to me. But…” he says: “I think the most interesting thing would be to take charge of my own team. It wouldn’t matter that much to me which club it would be at.”

Reuser has no preference in terms of which team, either. Although he feels it would be wise to start with a young team. If it sounds like he’s taking his new assignment lightly, he’s not. The fervent golf player realizes that he still has much to learn. “In terms of managing and dealing with players, for example. For that, the KNVB course is good, too. With that course, you learn tools to help present your story and practice material well, which is something you use later in practice.”
In addition to the study books, Reuser draws from his own experiences as a football player. That’s not unusual considering he has more than three hundred matches at the highest level to his name. In addition to that, he also trained with Louis van Gall for a few years. “From him, I learned how to do things, and how not to do them. Of course he’s so strong in a technical sense, but verbally he sometimes would take a wrong turn. Despite that, he’s obviously performed extremely well.”

The coach in training has already thought of what his own approach would be. “As a player, I enjoyed receiving confirmation that I was doing well, and that I was put in my place when necessary. When you’re in the top, the performance part is hammered in, but praise is often forgotten. As a coach I’m certainly not going to pretend, because that damages your credibility to the guys. It’s mostly a case of remaining true to yourself.” Reuser is learning a lot in that respect from his internship at de Toekomst. ‘Peter van Veen, Orlando Trustfull and Michel Kreek are very helpful and give me lots of advice. This is a great process with Ajax, and it’s nice to be a part of it.”